Unicorn Gifts for Girls & Boys Age 2-10, 2 in 1 Star Projector Rotating Night Light Projection Lamp Kids Gifts for Xmas, Stocking Fillers, Birthday Gifts for Girls & Boys

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Unicorn Gifts for Girls Age 2-10, Unicorn Toys for Girls & Boys, 2 in 1 Star Projector Rotating Night Light Projection Lamp, Toys for Kids Age 2-10, Xmas, Stocking Fillers, Birthday Gifts for Girls & Boys

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Unicorn Gifts &Toys for your lovely Kids

Unicorn Gifts for your lovely Kids

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Children’s bedtime

Unicorn & Star projectors is an ideal room decoration for children of all ages. Kids can be lulled to bed with the rhythmic rotation of the projection. Toddlers and preschoolers can enjoy a bedtime story with parents followed by a star projection for a structured bedtime routine. Younger children who might be afraid of the dark can be comforted by the night light show that gently illuminates the entire room instead of having a small night-light in a corner.

It can also help create a relax ambience in child’s room. Many parents use a projector to make bedtime a welcoming, easy experience for everyone.


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How to Get Projection?

1. Take Out The Top Of The White Dome and One Of The Black Lamp Films(Two Films: One Is Unicorn Film, Another One Is Starry Film ).

2. Power It On By 4*AAA Batteries Or USB Cable (Battery & Plug Are Not Included).

3. Press The Color Light Button, Then The Projection Will Show On The Wall And Ceiling.


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Best Unicorn Toys & Gifts for Kids

It is an ideal gift for the birthday party, festival celebration, such as Easter, Children's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christening, Baptism for kids and so on, housewarming,Christmas room decoration. 

Unicorn Kids Night Light Projectors are indoor devices that deliver an exciting array of unicorn fairy tale worlds or starry night sky on the ceiling and walls. Simply turn off the room lights and turn on the device to experience the projection as it traverses the room. Your child will feel like you’re looking at the fairy tale world or starry sky.

8-Color Mode + 360 ° Rotation

Accompanied by 8 kinds of wonderful colors: blue, red, green, 2-color combination, 3-color combination,and all color combinations are blinking. You can choose to rotate or not with the designed 360 ° rotation.

Star ceiling light projectors create a warm and peaceful environment, can also help release your body and mind.

Gifts for girls age 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.

Unicorn Bedroom Decoration

How to Get Projection?

1. Take out the top of the white dome and one of the black lamp films(Two films: one is unicorn film, another one is starry sky film).

2. Power it on by 4*AAA batteries or USB cable (battery & plug are not included).

3. Press the color light button, then the projection will show on the wall and ceiling.

Toys for girls 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 year old girls.


Sleep Knight




Unicorn & Star

Does your child love unicorns? Does your child love stars?

Invite them to start a romantic fairy tale together. You can turn on this night light and cast a unicorn/starry sky,

Tell your child a story or a unicorn romance while the unicorn "surrounds"/under the stars.


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Night Light


Warm and Soft Night Light

Is your child afraid to stay alone?

Turn it on and let favorite unicorns with them.

Let unicorn friends guard the child's and give the child a full sense of security.

It's an imaginative toy that creates the world of unicorns at the touch of a button.

The projected unicorn figure comes to life. Explore the romantic and fascinating world of unicorns together. This is also the most popular interactive parent-child game.

As long as the “HD Movie” is removed, it can be turned into a simple,cute night light

This kids night light is available in 16 light colors, blue, red, green, 2 or 3color combinations, flashing color combinations, 360° rotation or not.

You can design your child's favorite night light effect. Accompany every sweet child's dream.


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Dinosaur LED Night Light



Wonderful Light Show:

Choose one of the themes you like to project. It equipped with 8 kinds of light colors: blue, red, green, 2 color combinations, 3 color combinations, and all color combinations flash. You can also choose to rotate the projector or not, to make the vivid pattern move around the wall and ceiling, or to stand still, which will bring a perfect and interesting light show for kids.

night lighf

Great Early Childhood Gift for Kids

The vivid dinosaur pattern will spark hours of imaginative play. Keep away your kids from electronics and cultivate their creativity and imagination. It is an excellent educational toys that will teach your kids cooperation with their friends! Kids toys for 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 year old boys and girls.