3-Pack Under Cabinet Kitchen Lights - Dimmable RGB Battery-Powered LED Puck Lights with Remote Control

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Under Cabinet Kitchen Lights, Dimmable Battery Powered LED Light RGB Puck Light with Remote Control

Touch Control:

Change color presets (4 presets are available) and luminosity by Tapping on the surface of the light.

Remote Control:

Puck light can be control remotely. Signal distance is 20 feet. Two (2) Remote Controllers are included in the package.

REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTIONLuminaires with remote control

ON and OFF Switch is on the top left corner of the remote control.

Timer buttons are on the top right corner of the remote control.

Change luminosity levels with '+' and '-' buttons;

Enable breathing light mode with SMOOTH;

Enable fading light mod

e with FADE;

Set constant warm white light with 'W' but

NITECORE EXTREMENiteCore Extreme, Adjust luminosity and brightness


Adjustable Brightness Levels

Change the brightness level of each puck light with remote control or touch control

functional lighting, for bedroom, for home office and for bathroom

Functional Lighting for Work, Study and other Daily Tasks

  • Our puck light products can also provide just the right brightness for reading or viewing.
  • Need a light night which can gradually phase out? Use the timer function.
  • Need extra light for reading? Set the luminosity to maximum.
  • Putting on makeup on a Monday morning? Don't wake up so soon, use the constant warm light function.

    Technical Details: