Indoor Fairy Lights 100 Warm White LEDs on 8m of Clear Cable Rocker Switch Plug in

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 Indoor Fairy Lights 100 Warm White LEDsLL17037


These gorgeous LED fairy lights provide an elegant tone and a subtle warmth.

Manufactured on a lightweight clear cable, these lights are perfect for your indoor decorations where you would prefer to not see cable and are easy to display. Create a warm glow in your home, just like traditional lights, but with all the safety and energy saving benefits of low voltage (24v) LEDs. These indoor LED fairy lights will protect your loved ones from the risk of electric shock and fire. At only 24 volts you can rest assured that your family and pets are safe. The high quality LEDs will always stay cool to the touch and will also be safe around your furniture and fabrics. The 100 bulbs are spaced across 8m of clear cable and the transformer has a 3m lead to the first bulb, which means your plug need not be right next to your lights. LEDs are good for the environment and your wallet. They last up to ten times as long as old fashioned fairy lights, and they use up to 90% less electricity.

LED lights are king!

Not only are they stupendously more energy efficient than normal filament bulbs, they’re cheaper to run and do not emit heat so are far safer to use too! Also on average, you can expect a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours of illumination from LED lights.

Although an LED product usually has a higher purchase cost, the efficiency in comparison to filament bulb alternatives is dramatic. LED string lights use around 90% less power than it's older counterpart, saving you a serious amount of money on your power bills.

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