10 X LED Fire Rated Downlight Can GU10 Recessed Ceiling Twist & Lock Downlight IP20 Chrome

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10 X LED Fire Rated Downlight Can GU10 Recessed Ceiling Twist & Lock Downlight IP20 Chrome

Quick connector (3P) for easy installation

A traditional Junction box requires a lot of work. You need to individually separate and manipulated into the correct terminals, then screwed down to fix into place. Mistakes can be made. Time is money. The 3P push-in Terminal box, also known as “quick connector” could help you reduce installation time. You only need to push cables into the correct inlet, until you hear a click, then you’re done. Upgraded Terminal box with easy lock and release design can make sure the terminal box won't open once you have done the connection.

Cutout size and Suitable Gu10 bulbs

The cutout hole diameter is 75mm, and the face plate diameter is 86mm.

Alpha Lights offers a wide range of LED GU10 bulbs including dimmable, non-dimmable and various beam angles and wattages. They all retain the same shape and dimensions as halogen spotlight bulbs, and are designed be used as direct halogen replacements. Please browse our shop page for more information. Please do not use a GU10 bulb with height higher than 70mm, longer LEDs such as the Philips 8 watt or Philips Color Hue won’t fit. The downlights have no driver, you could either use dimmable GU10 bulbs or non-dimmable Gu10 bulbs, it mainly depends on the kind of switch you are using.




Bezels and IP Rate

A twist and lock bezel in either Chrome, Satin Nicker Black, Golden Rose or White colors.

An IP rating is a number that is given to specify the level of ingress protection of an enclosure or piece of electronic equipment. The IP number is composed of two digits, the first referring to the level of protection against solid objects such as dust and the second against liquids such as water.

The IP20 rated fittings are not to be used outside, within bathroom or rooms with high levels of moisture. They are the most cost effective and designed for the demands of the majority rooms such as lounges, bedrooms and kitchens.


Technical Details