Door Keyhole Light Lamp Infrared Auto Sensor Motion Detector Keyhole 4 LED Light lamp Stick-on Anywhere Tap Lights Battery Operated-Silver

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Infrared Auto Sensor Door Keyhole Light - Motion Detector, 4 LED Lamp, Battery Operated, Stick-on Anywhere, Silver


  • Auto-sensing LED door lock light uses human infrared sensor technology and automatic light detection technology.
  • When a hand approaches the door lock, the LED light installed above the door lock will automatically illuminate.

Widely Use

  • This door lock light can also be used as a cabinet light, corridor light, night light, emergency light, garden light, fence light.
  • Has strong practicability, energy saving and energy saving


1. When the power is turned on, the light does not light up?

  • A. Check the polarity of the battery installation
  • B. When the ambient light is too bright, the lamp is in standby mode.
  • C. The battery is out of power, please replace the battery.

2. When the power is turned on, the LED light flashes?

  • A. The host needs one to two minutes to stabilize the internal circuit.
  • B. The battery may be low, please replace the battery


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